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Being involved in criminal law proceedings can be a daunting experience. The expertise of our criminal lawyers lies in guiding you through the criminal law process by providing you with quality advice and ensuring you are fully informed at every stage. Irrespective of the nature and seriousness of your charge, we are committed to advocating for you, from the initial consultation through to the courtroom.

Our criminal defence lawyers provide services including but not limited to:

  1. Meeting with accused persons in person or in custody at any of the prison/detention/immigration facilities – Hakea Prison, Casuarina Prison, Acacia Prison, Wooroloo Prison, Melaleuca Prison, Banksia Hill Detention Centre, Yongah Hill Immigration Detention Centre.
  2. Providing you with advice.
  3. Liaising with the police/the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions/the other party to make a submission to downgrade or discontinue your charges or otherwise negotiate a resolution of your matter.
  4. Consider all evidence in your matter and provide you with our opinion.
  5. Prepare paperwork and appear in court for applications for bail.
  6. Appear in court on your behalf at sentencings or trials or as instructing solicitor to very experienced barristers in court.

We practice in criminal defence cases with respect to a range of offences including:


The resolution of matters at the earliest opportunity is a priority for us and helps to alleviate any stress on you. We have made many submissions to the prosecution which have resulted in criminal charges being downgraded and even discontinued in full. With experience in a diverse range of matters, we are here to listen to you, evaluate and discuss your circumstances and be your voice in order to establish the best possible outcome.

We are able to reach out to our extensive network of barristers, who we share close relationships with, to assist in your matter and ensure that you are provided with only the highest level of criminal legal services, guaranteeing you the best opportunity to succeed in your matter.


If you require criminal defence and legal assistance, contact our team of top criminal defence lawyers at SR Criminal Lawyers. We have provided superior criminal defence across a large range of cases in Perth and WA. Contact us by calling 0421 215 421 for a consultation today.