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Sexual Offences

Sexual offences are considered to be very serious and the assistance of an experienced sexual assault lawyer is often necessary. Subjecting another person to physical contact of a sexual nature without obtaining their consent may be deemed a sexual offence. Sexual assaults not only include penile intercourse, but also digital penetration (i.e. any object other than a penis) and oral sex. A child under the age of 16 is incapable at law of giving consent to sexual intercourse or other sexual acts and therefore any sexual act with a minor can be deemed an offence. Terms of immediate imprisonment are often ordered for sex-related crimes.

An experienced and proficient sexual assault lawyer can assist in navigating the complexities of your case to achieve the ideal outcome. We strongly urge you to contact us immediately if you have been charged with, or are under investigation in relation to, a sexual offence. We have experience in advising and representing clients with respect to a range of various types of sexual offending ranging from lower level indecent assaults involving touching, to much more serious sexual penetrations over prolonged periods of time as well as historical offences from complaints relating to incidents from decades ago.

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Sexual Assault: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sexual assault?

A sexual assault is an offence which involves the sexual touching of another person without their consent. Sexual assaults can be categorised into the following offences:

  • Sexual penetration without consent
  • Indecent assault
  • Indecent dealings with a minor

What does sexual penetration without consent mean? and what does the prosecution need to prove?

Essentially, sexual penetration without consent is what is commonly known as “rape”. Sexual penetration is not only where a man inserts his penis into a vagina, but also includes the penetration of any human body part or object into another person’s vagina or anus. It also includes the acts of cunnilingus and fellatio.

What does the prosecution need to prove in relation to sexual penetration without consent?

In order to obtain a conviction for this offence, the prosecution needs to prove to the court beyond reasonable doubt that:

  • The accused is the offender
  • The accused sexually penetrated the victim
  • The sexual penetration took place without the victim’s consent.

What are the defences to an offence of sexual penetration without consent?

There are a number of defences available to such an offence and they include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The victim is lying – i.e. penetration did not occur or did not occur in the circumstances alleged
  • The victim is mistaken as to the identity of the accused
  • The victim did consent
  • The accused honestly and reasonably believed the victim consented

What are the effects of being convicted of a sexual assault?

Sexual assaults are deemed to be very serious matters and not only could a conviction for such an offence result in imprisonment, but in most cases an order is automatically made for the offender to become a registered sex offender. Being a registered sex offender means you will have an ongoing obligation to report to authorities, have travel restrictions, and it can impact on your prospects of employment.