PROPERTY OFFENCES - Sharleena Ramdhas Barrister Solicitor




If a person has attempted to take or has taken something from another person,in circumstances of force, intimidation or threats, this could be deemed to be a Robbery. This offence can occur at any time and any place. If a weapon is used when carrying out the offence the robbery could be considered to be an “armed” robbery, which is an even more serious offence.

In any event, a charge of robbery is very serious and severe penalties such as terms of immediate imprisonment are ordinarily imposed.


Burglary is the act of entering someone’s property without that person’s consent, with an intent to commit an offence within that property. There are a variety of aggravating factors that have the ability to increase the seriousness of the charge such as being in company with other persons, threatening to kill or injure and being armed or pretending to be armed with a dangerous weapon.


There are a multitude of ways in which the offence of stealing can present itself. It could be taking a chocolate bar from the shop without paying for it or stealing a $60,000 diamond necklace. In each case, the penalty imposed will be proportionate to the offence. For example, a mere fine may be imposed for the theft of the chocolate bar but a term of imprisonment may be considered for the diamond necklace.

Other variations of stealing include stealing as a servant (theft from an employer) or stealing a motor vehicle.

We are experienced in providing advice and representation in relation to all levels of property offending, including but not limited to serious robberies involving co-offenders and weapons in which victims have been assaulted, to numerous break ins and home invasions, as well as low level stealing such as shoplifting.