FEES - Sharleena Ramdhas Barrester Solicitor


We will always provide you with an estimate of our fees and wait for your confirmation that you are agreeable prior to undertaking any work. With Sharleena Ramdhas Barrister & Solicitor you will never receive any surprise invoices for work or fees that you were not aware were being undertaken or incurred.

We do our best to try and provide clients with a fixed fee estimate so that you are well aware of the fees prior to committing to engage our services. With respect to serious criminal matters, due to the nature of the proceedings and court availability, such matters usually take months, if not longer, before reaching a milestone. As such, we provide you with our fee estimate in advance, giving you plenty of time to make arrangements and budget for your legal fees.

In the event that you wish to engage the expertise of a specialist criminal law barrister, our wide reaching connection and working relationships with a number of prominent Perth barristers ensures that you will always receive a competitive fee estimate even in relation to barristers fees when you engage Sharleena Ramdhas Barrister & Solicitor on your matter to brief a barrister for you.