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If someone has purported to make a personal or financial advantage by using deception, lying or dishonesty, this could be considered fraud. Fraud is a serious charge in which a term of imprisonment can be imposed, particularly in circumstances where the amount of fraud alleged is around $10,000 or greater.

At Sharleena Ramdhas Barrister & Solicitor, our fraud lawyers in Perth have extensive experience in providing advice and representation with respect to all levels of fraud. Our background includes, but is not limited to, fraud involving significant sums of money obtained from employers, as well as Centrelink fraud and frauds against other government agencies and banks.

We have even kept clients out of jail for frauds in excess of $50,000 from government agencies.


With a reputation for high-level legal service and a commitment to achieving the best possible outcome for our clients, Sharleena Ramdhas Barrister & Solicitor are Perth’s leading criminal defence specialists. As fraud lawyers in Perth with broad experience from various fraud investigations, we have your back. Contact us today if you’d like more information or to see how we can help by giving us a call on 0421 215 421, or sending an email to


What is fraud? 

Fraud is an offence involving a dishonest act committed by a person in order to obtain an advantage for themselves. It can range from using dishonest behaviour to obtain property from a person to inducing a person to perform an act that they are lawfully entitled to abstain from doing. This is a serious offence and can attract a term of imprisonment. 

What kinds of things does the court look at to determine the seriousness of the fraud?

There are a number of factors that influence the court’s consideration of how serious the fraud is that you have committed. These include the value of the property involved, the personal circumstances of the victim, the amount of planning involved and whether there was a breach of trust involved in the offending. 

What are some examples of fraudulent activity? 

There is a wide variety of acts that can constitute fraud. It can include using a stolen credit card, forging documents, online scams or defrauding the Government.