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There are a variety of traffic offences ranging from the manner of driving (reckless driving, dangerous driving, careless driving), to driving without a licence (driving whilst disqualified etc), or drink driving and driving under the influence, and more.

Convictions for dangerous driving and reckless driving can result in the imposition of a term of imprisonment. Similarly, repeated convictions for drink/drug driving and driving without a valid licence/driving whilst disqualified can eventually lead to a term of imprisonment. The other penalties that are frequently imposed for traffic offences can include large fines and cancelling or suspending your driver’s licence.

Although traffic offences are thought of as being less serious than criminal offences, traffic offences can still have serious consequences, which could impact your employment or your family if your ability to drive is affected. Therefore, it is important that you contact one of our experienced traffic lawyers for advice and/or representation when you have been charged with a traffic offence. We can represent you in court and encourage the Magistrate to impose the minimum fine or licence suspension period.

The professional team of Perth traffic and driving offence lawyers at Sharleena Ramdhas Barrister & Solicitor are experienced in providing advice and representation in relation to all levels of traffic offending, ranging from dangerous driving in which someone is injured, to numerous police chases, as well as lower level traffic offences relating to drink driving and driving whilst disqualified, and almost all cases where clients have pleaded guilty, we have obtained the lowest penalty available for them.


There is often more to traffic law than meets the eye. It can be quite complex and requires careful consideration of your charge and the relevant legislation in order to provide you with accurate advice in terms of what needs to be proven and what the outcome of such a conviction could mean for you. Notwithstanding, traffic offences are often considered not to be very serious, the practical impacts such convictions can have on your daily life can be very significant – such as your driver’s licence being disqualified or cancelled. Factors considered when determining the penalty for traffic offences may include, depending on the offence, how high your blood alcohol limit is, previous traffic offences, speed, the status of your licence and if anyone was injured or killed as a result of your driving.


If you have been convicted of a traffic offence and your licence has been disqualified, you may be eligible to apply for an Extraordinary Driver’s Licence which will entitle you to drive in certain circumstances, notwithstanding that your driver’s licence is disqualified. Contact us today to enquire as to how our traffic lawyers can assist you with the drafting of an Extraordinary Driver’s Licence Application, collating evidence which may assist your application, drafting an affidavit in support of your application, liaising with the Department of Transport, providing you with advice about what to expect at the hearing in the Magistrates Court and appearing for you in court at the hearing of the application to give your Extraordinary Driver’s Licence application the best possible chances of success.  


The penalties for traffic offences reflect the strict nature of traffic law in Western Australia. The following is a list of possible penalties that you could expect from different types of traffic and dangerous driving offences. 

  • Drink driving: Mandatory licence disqualification/Fine/Imprisonment 
  • Careless driving: Maximum Penalty= $36,000 Fine and imprisonment of 3 years and licence disqualification of at least 3 months.  
  • Dangerous driving: Fines, imprisonment and mandatory licence disqualifications. 
  • Reckless driving: Fines, imprisonment and mandatory licence disqualifications. 
  • Circumstances of aggravation can also apply to reckless driving when the vehicle was being driven without consent of the person in charge of the vehicle, the driver was 45km/h or more above the speed limit or the driver was trying to escape pursuit by a police officer. Such circumstances can attract mandatory sentencing of 6 months immediate imprisonment
  • Disqualified or Suspended driving: Fine, imprisonment and mandatory licence disqualifications. 


Can I drive if my licence is disqualified?

Yes, if you have a valid Extraordinary Driver’s Licence (“EDL”) and you drive in accordance with the terms of your EDL. You may be able to apply for an Extraordinary Driver’s Licence for use within Western Australia if you need to drive for a specific purpose, for example, work purposes or medical purposes, if you satisfy certain criteria.

What is an Extraordinary Driver’s Licence?

An Extraordinary Driver’s Licence (colloquially termed as E licence) permits a person to drive a motor vehicle according to certain terms, for example, it may permit a person to drive for work purposes between specific times on certain days and between certain distances or locations, or for medical purposes.

What is the penalty for drink driving?

The penalty for drink driving varies depending on your blood alcohol limit and the number of prior drink driving offences you have on your record. For lower range drink driving offences, you will likely be subject to a driver’s licence disqualification and a fine. In relation to higher range or repeated drink driving offences, there is the possibility you may be sentenced to a term of imprisonment.



If you’re looking for professional and skilled traffic lawyer in Perth, look no further than Sharleena Ramdhas Barrister & Solicitor. We can assist with a range of traffic and dangerous driving offences as well as granting Extraordinary Driver’s Licences. Contact us if you require legal assistance today.